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    About Xiphy Digital

    The Xiphy Digital was started in the year 2018, As a Digital consulting company, we offer services that include Digital marketing, development, support, and consulting. We are based in Bangalore, India, but we strive to be the best strategic digital consulting company in the world by providing access to top-notch digital skills and software. To achieve this, we will place highly skilled people first, focus on results, provide expert leadership, and bring success.

    Benefits of Social Media marketing

    Cost effective and High opportunity

    An important benefit of social media is that it is free to join. This helps in increasing the number of people who also have an interest in your business. Social media advertising will target these audiences who can be your potential customer. Most social media networks offer paid promotions for businesses, but it is still incredibly cost-effective to advertise on social platforms when these other factors are taken into consideration.

    Lead Generation

    For businesses who are ready to move beyond brand awareness and engagement, knowing how to generate more leads on social media is more important. We will define the target audience before starting the campaign. After generating leads in social media, Xiphy Digitals will nurture these leads, including taking them across the sales funnel. At Xiphy Digital we believe that the quality of leads is more important than the number of leads generated on social media

    User Trends

    As per Forbes, 78% of users has been reported that their purchasing behavior is influenced by Ephemeral content. Ephemeral content is trending content available for a set period of time and it is temporary. At Xiphy Digital, we will identify these popular content frequently and make them relevant to our brand. This way brands will be able to reach more people organically and increase their visibility.

    Social Media Platforms





    Social Media Marketing Process

    Set Goals

    A key part of building a business using social media marketing is setting targeted goals and developing your social media marketing strategy in the right direction. Spending time to identify the right social media goals will help you to get the most out of social media marketing campaigns. 

    Create Content

    Creating the right content helps you to target the right audience, we will generate content ideas that appeal to your buyer persona. These ideas will be converted into images, infographics, videos, and other formats that can be impactful.

    Choose Platforms

    A key part of building a business using social media marketing is setting targeted goals and developing your social media marketing strategy in the right direction. Spending time to identify the right social media goals will help you to get the most out of social media marketing campaigns.

    Support & Engage

    social media is the number one choice for customer care, Customers expect brands to engage and support them whenever they are in need of some information about a product/service. we will not only respond but also build credibility.

    Choose Audience

    A target audience refers to the group of people that are most likely to be interested in your brand. We will create personas to identify your audience. These personas match people who will resonate with your products and your brand.

    Measure Results

    To improve your performance on social media, measurement of metrics is really important. We will measure the engagement rate, follower growth, and campaign performance and create a comprehensive report which helps you to take decisions. immediately. This not only saves budget but also gives quality output

    Our Works

    What do our clients have to say

    Shraddha CEO, Muddie Trails

    Sharat and his team at Xiphy Digital are fantastic, they are responsible, knowledgeable, and very strategic. Highly recommend it for businesses wanting to take their site and SEO to the next level.

    Robert Laundry Care

    These guys are amazing, they know what they are talking about. They have all premium tools and this is one shop stop for all marketing activities that include SEO, Facebook, Google, and beyond.

    Surekha General Manager, Share space

    Total professionals from the start to finish, I worked with Xiphy Digital to get my business noticed online, and my business greatly benefited from online advertising, Thank you for helping out!


    SMM FAQs

    At Brandstory, our team follows a structured and stepwise approach to the real-time SEO process. The steps are as follows:

    • Internal Audit: In this first step, we use the SEOptimer tool to identify areas of improvement in on-page SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO, and content. Our professional analysis delves into comprehensive assessments that pinpoint specific optimization opportunities.
    • Keyword Research: Following the audit process, we determine keywords by using tools, like Google adwords, semrush for considering their relevance, search volume, competition level, and user intent. It improves your business’s visibility in local search engines.
    • Local SEO: To enhance your business’s visibility in local search results and drive more traffic to your website while drawing increased foot traffic to your physical location, we leverage the power of the Google My Business tool. This strategic approach aims to elevate your online presence and expand customer engagement with professionalism at its core.
    • On-page errors: We utilize a range of industry-leading tools including Semrush, Ahref, Woorank, Screaming Frog, GT Metrix, and SEO Quake. These tools are used to analyze the on-page SEO health by identifying broken links, missing meta tags, duplicate content, and the absence of internal linking to enhance the page’s visibility.
    • Technical Errors: Identifying crawl errors is crucial for understanding site structure issues, page speed, mobile friendliness, schema errors, canonicalization problems, HTTPS issues, and sitemap concerns. Our team addresses these elements using Google Page Speed Insights, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and Semrush. It ensures your website’s optimal performance in accordance with industry best practices.
    • Off-Page / Content Marketing: Our team uses Semrush, Ahref, and Google Trends to provide competitor backlink analysis, content marketing insights, and content validation. Our professional team ensures that you maintain a competitive edge in your digital marketing efforts through detailed analysis and strategic insights.
    • Analytics: Conversion tracking, real-time reporting from Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and event tracking using Google Tag Manager (GTM) are essential tools for understanding user behaviour and measuring the success of your online initiatives. Tracking conversions allows us to monitor the actions users take on your website, providing valuable insights into which marketing efforts are driving results.

    Rest assured, our team is highly experienced in executing this real-time SEO process for our clients, ensuring that your business’s online presence is always optimized for maximum visibility and success.

    You can calculate the ROI of your SEO by looking at search engine rankings, organic website traffic and goal completions. You then use this formula:(Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment which will give you an accurate idea about how much value it brought for what cost!

    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the key KPIs of SEO will vary depending on your business and its goals. However, some of the most important KPIs for SEO include

    • website traffic
    • organic search traffic
    • Branded vs Non Branded traffic
    • website impression
    • keyword ranking
    • CTR
    • Backlinks
    • Coverage issue
    • Page speed
    • and website engagement metrics such as time on site and bounce rate.

    When a search engine returns its search results, it gives you two types: organic and paid search. These are both viable solutions for a given SEO search but are different in many ways such as:-

    Paid Searches

    1. They are paid ads.
    2. Website owners have paid to have their web pages appear higher on google ranking and have achieved paid ranking.
    3. It is a quick process and doesn’t require time and effort but is not cost efficient.

    Organic Search

    1. These are entirely free of cost.
    2. There are various techniques implemented to achieve an optimal result.
    3. It is a time-consuming process that uses keyword searches to reach the optimal result.

    Seo for small businesses are essential because searches of product and services are incredibly geocentric, and people always buy product and services from companies that exist close to them. And also the visibility of SME and startup websites give a sense of credibility to your prospects and customers. The pros outweigh the cons multifold in the case of SEO services for small businesses. Some of the reasons for choosing SEO services may prove to be optimal is:-

    1. Bring in more customers
    2. Have better conversion rates
    3. Build Brand awareness
    4. Design user-friendly websites
    5. Bypass Competition
    What else are you waiting for?

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